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The History of Dystopia York

  • One August day in 1999, the three of us decided to play music together. It took us awhile until we actually learned to play as a group. After that, we kicked out 25 songs in about two weeks. Some of them were covers like a groovy Mello Yellow and a soothing Every Morning by Sugar Ray. The album debuted in Mr. Garrodís Suburban on the way to our caving trip. We hired a record label named Imperfect Records under the direction of Greg Miller. The record label said it all. Our first album was imperfect. We sold one copy of it and the ratings were very low. Actually, I donít think it received any ratings. The only good ratings we received were from anonymous parent who attempted numerous times to try and sing along. We concluded that he was just too hip to be in our band. We began creating our own songs. After a few months, we had enough decent songs to make another CD.
  • The album was The Brink of Calamity, but the CD was produced at Senile Records. Senile Records had a much better recording studio. We made a spiffy cover for it. Soon the whole school was talking about it....well maybe not the whole school. The quality of the album wasnít too shabby, but we wanted even better quality. So we hauled everything up into Billís house and recorded in a one-room bedroom. After toiling for hours, we had finally finished The Brink of Calamity. We later created CD covers and began advertising. After convincing several people, we finally had a group of groupies. After three productions of the same album, we debuted The Brink of Calamity.
  • A few months later another member was inducted into Dystopia. His name was Ajay, an Indian-American bass player who had been pleading with the band to let him bask in their reflective glory. After he joined his dilligence, and hard Asian work ethic became evident when he begged to practice every day of the week. After selling an unprecedented number of records for a debut album, Dystopia decided it was time to head back to the recording studio. Needless to say, Senile Records was obliged to have them return. The album, Elevator Music With Attitude, is currently under production, but we can trust that these lads will match the success of their first album. Along with working on their second album the boys have launched a new line of Official Dystopia T-shirts. There are pictures of the members displaying them in the Photos section of the website.
  • Since the last entry in this section, Dystopia has completed Elevator Music With Attitude, Songs from the Suburbs, and Billy Sings the Blues, each receiving rave reviews. Currently Dystopia has accounted for 5 cds in production. Dystopia finally found a singer. The CD with vocals has eight songs done so far. This CD will be the one that everyone wants to buy! Come see us at our next performance.

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