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Elevator Music With Attitude

1. Empire of the Masses8. Sun Shower
2. Red Horizon9. Crooked Tower
3. Catastrophe10. Jazzical Cats
4. Jazzy Flower11. Rebirth of Improbob
5. New Orleans' Boogie12. Frozen Valley
6. Funky Monkey13. Look Around
7. Point of No Return14. Springtime

Dystopia Digs Deep

  • Second album an assortment of esoteric melodies and jazzy grooves
  • Never before has a rock group looked so deep into the musical cosmos, while remaining virtually unheard of. Dystopia has plummeted into an abyss upon whose edge most bands are afraid to even look over. With their second album, Elevator Music with Attitude, featuring 14 revolutionary, mind-bending tracks that run the gamut from soft, flowing jazz to futuristic, post-modern neo-pop, the trio has reinvented the whole concept of music making. The album begins with Empire of the Masses, a disturbing vision of a culturally sterile civilization; and ends with Springtime, a delightful piece bringing hope in the form of a simple jazz ballad. In between there are old ragtime-style songs like New Orleans’ Boogie (Track #5), catchy folk tunes Sun Shower (#8), and even a classical piece called Jazzical Cats (#10). The three prodigies managed to create an eclectic mix while maintaining a certain unity throughout. Elevator Music With Attitude is a well-organized assortment of well-made music that captures all the qualities which makes an album great.
  • In an age dominated by saccharine-sweet, sexually exploitive teen pop idols and nauseating rap-metal bands, Dystopia symbolizes a breath of fresh air. Its emergence brings forth a new dawn in the musical landscape, a catharsis of the immense talent submerged under the decaying mass of the new popular culture. It is a cry against the raves, dance halls, inaudibly detuned guitars, and mindless lyrics that have been undermining the artistic development of rock and roll. Dystopia is here to not only revive this art form but to restore it to its original grandeur. Dystopia is the next revolution in music. Dystopia para siempre.

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