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Let's Make A Band

1. A Thousand Horses13. Funeral Funk
2. All I Wanna Do14. Hallucinations
3. Allstar15. Hidden Messages
4. Baroque Thugs16. House of the Rising Sun
5. Blue Monday17. I Saw Her Standing There
6. Brainstew18. Lonely Days
7. Build Me Up Buttercup19. Mello Yellow
8. Defeat You20. Spag the Minstrel
9. Diggin' Your Scene21. The Bag of Wind
10. Every Morning22. The Ninth Wonder of the World
11. Fly Away23. When I Come Around
12. Friend is a Four Letter Word24. The Polish Pub

Watch Out for Dystopia

First album, Let's Make a Band, hits the streets today.

  • I was sitting in my drawing room perusing through the dozens of albums which had been sent to me to review when I spotted one that was particularly cheaply made. I popped it into my stereo and lay back on my reclining chair. I was surprised by what I heard because although it was a horrendous recording job I couldn't deny that I liked it. The album was Dystopia's first release, Let's Make a Band. I honestly believe that if this band abandons the defunct Imperfect Records, they will attract a much wider audience. The album features a wide array of songs ranging from radical left-wing hip-hop a la Public Enemy to a heart-warming rendering of the Sugar Ray classic, Every Morning. Despite the band's current obscurity, I truly believe that what we are witnessing is but the humble beginning of a revolution in the music industry. This is the music of the future.

    Nigel Andrews
    British Rock Digest

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