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5-4-2001: Show at Sparky and Clark's went well. The new keyboard box helped make packing easier. The drums helped to add rhythm to the music. Thanks to everyone who came.

4-19-2001: Its been a year since we finished our first album The Brink of Calamity. Get your copy today.

4-11-2001: There are 8 final songs for Elysian Fields (the CD with singing). Only 6 more songs left to go, at the most. Mike is starting a rave CD also. We will be playing again at Sparky and Clark's on May 4 at 8 PM.

4-8-2001: Remarkable review for Elevator Music With Attitude added

3-23-2001: We were double booked for Sparky and Clark's. A band called Freespace opened the night at 8:00. We finished off the night playing from 9:30 to 11:00 opening with Evil Ways and concluding with a great performance of Summertime. Thanks to the help of Sparky and Clark's, we were able to stay longer and complete our performance.

2-22-2001: Started Sings the Blues Two.

2-16-2001: Played at Sparky and Clark's from 8:00 to 10:30. Had a great time and a good performance. Still working on new singing CD and rearranged studio.

1-21-2001: Finished 9th CD

11-27-2000: Recorded for the first time with a real singer.

10-27-2000: We played our instruments at the football game and created some new music.

10-14-2000: Went to Rusted Root concert..

10-8-2000: Added the review of Lets' Make A Band.

8-26-2000: Finished Songs From The Suburbs.

8-24-2000: Added the review of Billy Sings The Blues.

8-20-2000: Started new album Songs from the Suburbs.

8-19-2000: Finished Billy Sings The Blues

8-17-2000: Remastered and renamed the original album Lets' Make A Band

8-13-2000: Finished Elevator Music With Attitude

8-2-2000: Only four songs left until Elevator Music With Attitude is complete. News page created an index updated on website.

8-1-2000: T-Shirts available for sale.

7-29-2000: Orders sent on 7-28-2000 were not recieved since the server was down for maintenance.

7-28-2000: There is now a secret page.

7-17-2000: Site Created.

4-15-2000: Finished The Brink of Calamity.

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