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  • Name: Ajay
  • Nickname: Rachmaninoff
  • Favorite Band: London Symphony Orchestra
  • Influences: Mozart, Bach, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Beethoven
  • Quotes: "It is not your consciousness that defines your reality, but your reality that defines your consciousness." - Karl Marx
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Food: Don't much care for food
  • Hobbies: Bass
  • Instrument: Bass
  • Background: Indian agitation
  • Pets: Bass
  • Favorite Television Broadcast: Seinfeld
  • Favorite Radio Station: 93.5
  • Role Model: Mozart
  • Closest Cartoon Resemblance: Apu
  • Favorite Day: Friday
  • Favorite Cloud: Nathaniel, the one which looks like a train
  • Favorite Song: Symphony for 2 violins and Orchestra, Bach
  • Favorite Key: C
  • Favorite Shape: Square
  • Favorite Song: I already answered this question, damn you.
  • Favorite Existentialist: Kafka (he counts, otherwise, I'm not sure)
  • Worst Enemy: The Republican Party
  • Favorite Firework: Frog
  • Favorite Gig: Madison Square Gardens
  • Favorite Concert: None
  • Favorite Weather: Sunny
  • Favorite Vehicle: Geo Prizm, 1990
  • Favorite Chair: Rocking Chair
  • Favorite Car: what's the difference between car and vehicle, really?
  • Favorite Tree: Cumulonimbus
  • Favorite Musical Composition: Requiem in D Minor by Mozart, or previous.
  • Favorite Fish: Cumulonimbus
  • Favorite British Prime Minister: Clement Attlee, cause he dethoned Churchill
  • Favorite BBC Series: None
  • Favorite Monty Python: Michael Palin
  • Favorite Beatles Member: McCartney
  • Wittgenstein or Bertnand Russel: Wittgenstein
  • Trotsky or Stalin: Trotsky
  • Favorite robber Baron: Vanderbilt
  • Gold Standard or Free Silver at a Ratio of 16 to 1: Silver
  • A Brief History of Time or Harry Potter: the former
  • Favorite Strike Breaker: Alex Shumski
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Favorite Book: Discourse on the Sciences and Arts, Rousseau (for now)
  • Favorite Simpsons Character: Santa's Little Helper
  • Worst Television Broadcast: TRL
  • Favorite Coaster at Hershey Park: Wildcat
  • Plain M&M's or Chocolate M&M's: Plain
  • Chicken or Egg: Cumulonimbus
  • Smoke or Fire: Fire
  • Favorite Brady Bunch Member: Greg
  • Favorite Comic Strip: Garfield
  • Favorite Novel: Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky
  • Favorite Movie: Amadeus, or Space Odyssey
  • Favorite Mp3: When I Saw Her Standing There, Beatles
  • Favorite Member of Dystopia: Mark
  • Favorite Beatles Song: A Day in the Life
  • Windows or Machintosh: Windows
  • Apple or Orange: Canadian Parliament

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