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  • Name: Mike
  • Nickname:Earl McBuster, William
  • Favorite Band: Rusted Root, Sublime, Spike Jones, Spyro Gyra, Dystopia, As 1, Luster, Prickly Pete, Necra-Potence, Cake, Dave Matthews Band, Phish
  • Influences: Telly Tubbies
  • Quotes:"Don't choke on a couch" "Hide your money, Joe is coming" "What's a Perogie?" "Is that you guys playing?"
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Food: Pasta and Swedish Fish
  • Hobbies:breathing, blinking, arrythmia, pulsating, running
  • Instrument:piano, keyboard,toas spirit drum, fetish balls, bell tree, cabasa, marimba, kashmiri bell, tambourine, shakers, djembe, pennywhistle, mandolin, sitar, tabla, rimsticks, shekere, nepalese gong, trash can lid, low tom, harmonium, ebow, congas, wurlitzer, black box/white noise, washboard, jug, bird whistle, turkey call, finger cymbals, dumbek, claks, claves, agogo bells, nut gourd, rainstick, dolak, bongo, timbales, dobro,
  • Background:I was born and I am still alive
  • Pets:Rabbits, Cat, Fish, Frog, Japanese Beetle, Fireflies
  • Favorite Television Broadcast:The Simpsons
  • Favorite Radio Station: 91.7 FM
  • Role Model: Tony Clifton
  • Closest Cartoon Resemblance: i don't know
  • Favorite Day: Funday
  • Favorite Cloud:Mushroom
  • Favorite Song: "Time of the Season" by the Zombies
  • Favorite Key: F minor
  • Favorite Shape:2-sided polygon
  • Favorite Existentialist: Dr. Lease
  • Worst Enemy: that girl on the Pepsi commercials
  • Favorite Firework: the ones that explode in mailboxes
  • Favorite Gig: hmm...there are so many to choose from
  • Favorite Concert: Rusted Root
  • Favorite Weather: Endless Downpours
  • Favorite Vehicle: electric powered blanket mobile
  • Favorite Chair: the ones that spin
  • Favorite Car: a chariot
  • Favorite Tree: the ones from the Wizard of Oz that throw apples at Dorthy
  • Favorite Musical Composition: "I Will Survive" performed by Tony Clifton
  • Favorite Fish: koi
  • Favorite British Prime Minister: Trevar Doughfty
  • Favorite BBC Series: Mr. Bean
  • Favorite Monty Python: The Grail
  • Favorite Beatles Member: Japanese Beatles
  • Wittgenstein or Bertnand Russel: Wiitgenstein
  • Trotsky or Stalin: Stalin
  • Favorite robber Baron: Boss Tweed
  • Gold Standard or Free Silver at a Ratio of 16 to 1: Free Silver
  • A Brief History of Time or Harry Potter: How can anyone believe what Stephen Hawking says? Harry Potter's wizardry is completely real.
  • Favorite Strike Breaker: Bob Saget
  • Nationality: German-American
  • Favorite Book: The Boy Scout Handbook
  • Favorite Simpsons Character: the nerdy boy who says "Look, a clue, a candy wrapper" I think his name is Data
  • Worst Television Broadcast: Full House and that show that always says "More Power! Argh Argh Argh!"
  • Favorite Coaster at Hershey Park: that ride with the bees and if you hit the buzzer, it makes a stinging noise
  • Plain M&M's or Chocolate M&M's:Plain
  • Chicken or Egg: Rooster
  • Smoke or Fire: Smoking is bad
  • Favorite Brady Bunch Member: Marsha
  • Favorite Comic Strip: the one with the fox and you have to figure out the mystery
  • Favorite Novel: Outside Providence
  • Favorite Movie:American Beauty
  • Favorite Mp3: "Time of the Season"
  • Favorite Member of Dystopia: Bubba the Cat
  • Favorite Beatles Song: Ob la di Ob la da
  • Windows or Macintosh: IBM
  • Apple or Orange: Apple

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