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The Brink of Calamity

Buy our CD! Dystopia is a three-member jazz rock fusion hip hop ska new wave punk proggressive transcendentalist psychadelic existentialist empirical band that needs a singer. We have an 11 song CD full of original material. Only $5. Purchase "The Brink of Calamity" now.

1. Lost Child7. A Thousand Horses
2. Hallucinations8. Death to Tyrants
3. Ninth Wonder of the World9. Buzzards
4. The Polish Pub10. Improbob
5. Fear and Trembling11. Sudden Insanity
6. Diazinon

The Dissonant Sound of Dystopia

  • > What do Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Louis Armstrong, and Mozart have in common? None of them sound anything like Dystopia. In truth, Dystopiaís sound is an eclectic mix of rock, blues, jazz, 60ís psychedelia, and polka which fails to be categorized by any one genre. The wizards behind this new zany brand of music are three kids who emerged from the suburbs of York, Pennsylvania (Home of such acts as Live and Fuel). They consist of Mike on the keyboard, his brother Will on drums, and Bill on guitar. On April 22, 2000 the three boys packed their instruments and headed down to Senile Records to record their monumental debut album The Brink of Calamity. The album is an onslaught of infectious melodies ranging from groove-driven funk songs to improvisational jam sessions. Check the avant-garde quality of track #2 Hallucinations or the guitar heroics of track #10 Improbob, which fused with the jazzy accompaniment of Mikeís synthesizer and the steady but heartfelt drumming of his brother Will becomes one of the best songs on the album. Their sixth track, Diazinon, featuring a simple yet forceful tone reminiscent of the early nineties, is one of the most angst-ridden songs Iíve heard in the post-grunge era. The three young lads manage to fit a variety of interests into an easily accessible, first-rate album that is by far the best released by a band of any genre this year. So in conclusion, I recommend you storm the nearest record store buy as many copies of this album as you can afford, or even take out a loan for the sole purpose of purchasing more copies. 11 out of 10 stars

    T. Robert Williams
    Lancaster Times

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